Three Weeks In

After being in-country for three weeks, I’m starting to get a flavour (sic) for the country here. It’s really still great, but you can see some of the character. Obviously the earthquakes in Christchurch have been a factor, and with the 5 year anniversary, it was obvious that those who were there on that day had a very difficult day of remembrance.

I’ve also finally finished my last AirBnB. It’s been very interesting being a vagabond, and having everything in the car. A rental came available, and I snatched it up. It’s so much better than having to stay at weird peoples’ homes. Some of the experiences have been quite nice. A few have been… not as nice. It’s all character building, I suppose. It also told me what to expect in the home rental market, and what to look for. To a person, everyone said to get the newest possible choice you have.

To that end, I actually found a new build in the St Albans area. It’s been very nice to be able to finally not worry about teenagers coming home late or whether the towel you’re using is actually clean. An appreciation for the small things, really. Now more than ever.