Some Observations, Part 1

After a week, and what a week it has been, there are a few things I’ve noticed that go under the “Vincent Vega: Little Differences” list:

  • Barefoot is a thing here. No one is bothered at the grocery or wherever you might think “sandals”.
  • People all go out of their way to be friendly. It isn’t isolated; it is the way it is. Rudeness in any form is not tolerated socially.
  • Ketchup packets are sachets.
  • Internet service isn’t a given here. It’s normal, but speed is not, and they still have capped usage.
  • Cricket is slower than a Yankees-Red Sox game in August.
  • Driving is a task here. State Highway just means a little less winding. By a little.
  • Golf is inexpensive, but they expect you to turn in your card, score your marker, and walk. Carts are endangered here.
  • KFC is a beloved institution. Really.
  • McDonald’s is Maccas, not Mickey D’s.
  • Drink refills are not a thing here.
  • There is no tipping here. And prices include tax. If something is $19.99, you pay exactly $20 for it. Nothing smaller than 10¢ here.

More as I go…