Getting a Ride

So while I was up in the air, Kim did some very helpful searching for me. TradeMe is a rather amazing phenomenon here in New Zealand. It’s like Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon rolled into one thing. And while I was 10,000 metres in the sky (see, there it is again), Kim found a lovely car.

Now the strange thing is that just Wednesday, I sold my truck for cash to CarMax. The money wasn’t burning a hole; it was the soles of my shoes getting a lot of use. I walked to this gentleman’s house and found a relatively clean 2007 VW Golf. It was relatively underpriced, so I jumped on it. It’s a used car from a private owner, but the guy actually had the company car sitting right there. He clearly no longer needs the VW. He tells me it was originally from Japan (!) but has new tyres (that again), and also very low kilometres. (yep)

A deposit, a banker’s cheque (uh huh), and a run to the post office to change the registration. Seriously, they change registration here for $9 at the postal teller window. The car insurance is done through the bank, and is incredibly inexpensive because it doesn’t have to insure for health coverage. Just damage and theft on the policy, and it’s roughly 25% of the cost in the States.

Just like that, I have a car. Off and running… well, driving now. This means I’m 100% mobile and much faster than I had planned for. I’ve managed to meet with several people, shop, and now move on to my next location. Really, though, the drive was fantastic.