The cats are on Instagram…..oh yes, it’s true.  SunnyandMav are now viral.  We get lots of questions about the little buggers.  We did decide to bring them, and yes, there was loads of paperwork and rabies tests, and USDA got involved.  While New Zealand is one of the more difficult countries to get into from a biosecurity standpoint, it did seem a little ridiculous at times.  Alas, a few fedex papers to Austin, K-State for rabies titre testing, and the boys were on their way.

Their trip consisted of moving out of the townhouse, living with Grandma for a week, then getting on their very first airplane ride to LAX.  Yes, I met them a day later to check out “the surroundings”…helicopter cat mom….maybe.  They got their final vet visit and shots and about 10 days of being in LA, they ventured on over the big blue ocean to Auckland and then Christchurch.  We were able to see them in quarantine about 4 hours after they landed here.  It’s funny, I worry about cats flying…the place that cared for them in LA regularly transport horses…I suddenly felt safer with the cats.

10 days in quarantine, and they were ready to come home.  I have to admit, I wasn’t quite prepared for jail for them, but it was really nice.  They had the wind in their hair and heated floors for the crisp mornings.  I sometimes think they would enjoy that now.

It’s now been 2 weeks since they’ve been with us.  3 attempts to flee from the Houdini cat (Sunny) keeps us on our toes for sure.  The windows push out and he feels the need to jump out into the backyard.  He’s even jumped up to the top of the fence.  Not supposed to be a big deal for normal cats, but ours are spoiled rotten.  They wouldn’t know what to do if they got out into the big bad world.  After all we’ve gone through…not ready to let them go just yet.  Wait…that could be another symptom on helicopter cat mom.

Stay tuned for more antics…I think they still like us…think they still want to flee.  All is normal, right?

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