A month in

After being here for just over a month now, it’s good to look back at the things that we’ve done. Christchurch is still just as beautiful, and I’m very happy with the decision to come here. Now it’s time to put the last bits of change into place to get the whole family here.

What we’ve managed to pull off so far:

  • I’ve shown up
  • Bought a car
  • Rented a house
  • Got a fridge, washer, and TV
  • Kim sent the container
  • Kim got the house nearly moved out
  • Cat licenses
  • Cat quarantine reservations
  • Kim got the cats vet papers

Really, it’s just a matter of finishing up. Kim is going to come out here in a few weeks. Then the cats. By then, hopefully, I’ll be working full-time. The interviews are coming, but the offer still eludes. Hopefully trusting the process will pay off the way we expect, and it’ll work out. The sooner, the better.