3 Weeks or 3 Months

I’ve been here 3 weeks, and Mat is about to be here 3 months. Hard to believe, yet we are getting settled in pretty well I think. I’m learning the area, and really enjoy walking to the neighbourhood market and butchery (sorry to my vegetarian friends). We have had the cats a little less than a week, and I do think they are still on the US sleep cycle. They are passed out from about 3-6pm which is US night time, and definitely get feisty about 3am….which is our nighttime.

I’m starting to begin the job hunt, and meetings with recruiters. It’ll be slow for sure, as I’ve been told my skill set is more suited for the Auckland area. It’s funny, everyone has asked “why Christchurch”…and my answer continues to be…it just has this vibe that we connect with. It’s really been good. We sit at an outdoor table and chairs (they are inside for now) to eat meals, and play on the computer. We sit on an inflatable mattress that’s our couch (no puncture holes from the cats just yet), and we cook on the one skillet and spatula Mat brought from home. He thought I was crazy to recommend it…yet it’s been so good. We’ve bought some appliances, nothing fancy, but essential. I do have to say…I can’t wait for a good proper knife to cut up veggies and potatoes. So, far from normal, but so exciting and cool. We bought a mussel pot, which we’ve used for pasta, potatoes and everything but mussels…maybe one day.

The weather has been great. It’s usually sunny during the day, warming up to 68-72 or so…but the evenings (around 4pm) gets chilly to downright cold. I’m glad I brought my heavier jacket.

So, outside of the normal experience, we’ve managed to do a bit of sight-seeing as well. We drove to Governor’s Bay on the first weekend of me being here…beautiful. Last weekend, we celebrated our anniversary by going to Blenheim. The drive is so amazing. I’m going to tell visitors we’ll have to rent a car and drive…the views…the animals…just beautiful. This past weekend we went to another beach (New Brighton) and over to Sumner…again, stunning views. The water is so clear, the blues the turquoise…I need to use a thesaurus for words. Even locally, we went to the Botanical Gardens (on our walk around Hagley Park) and you could see the duck feet swimming in the river..the water was so clear.

We won’t be settled for awhile…that’s for sure…but we are really enjoying the process and the overall journey. I struggle being content with what we have..and still waiting for our container to get here so we can really settle. It’s a good exercise is curbing my anxiety…I do wonder though….will it all fit? Guess we’ll have to see how that goes!